Daily Prompt: The Eighth Sin

I like today’s prompt! Totally makes up for yesterday’s talking about Saturday on a Friday.

Today’s topic of discussion is The Eighth Sin, where we’re asked to name what we think the eighth daily sin should be.

The answer to this question came to me almost instantly: It’s apathy. For this post, what I mean by “apathy” is the anti-intellectualism that is prevalent nowadays. Not caring about what happens in the world, not bothering to ask questions or learn new things. If it’s not affecting me, then it’s not a big deal.

Many moons ago, one of my high school English teachers gave us a writing prompt called “I used to hate ___, but I don’t anymore,” or something to that effect. I remember that I chose “being a nerd” as my topic of choice. I was a very nerdy kid, and although I had wonderful friends, being nerdy is hardly celebrated in high school.

Of course, I had a very awkward moment when she read my paper to the class (which of course, ended with “you’re all going to work for me one day” — I had a bit of an attitude in my teen years, as my mother will attest). I did not attend my 10-year reunion.

There’s a lesson in this somewhere. We should celebrate curiosity in our children — not shame them for being “nerds” or “different.” We should question what we read instead of automatically accepting it as fact and clicking “Share.” We should care about what happens to our planet — it’s the only one we’ve got.

Serious topic for a Saturday, eh?

**As a side note, I’d like to thank everyone who has followed my posts this week. You guys are fantastic.