Trying Something New: Artegon Market + Color Therapy Yoga

If you know me, you know that I’ve been on a bit of a yoga kick lately. I’ve always enjoyed it, but with my recent heel issues, I needed to find something I could do regularly that wasn’t very high-impact. I’ve noticed that people who love yoga really, really LOVE it — and there are many good reasons why (increased strength and flexibility, stress relief, etc.). There are few physical activities that leave me as invigorated as a hot yoga class, and I have definitely noticed gains in my upper-body strength. It certainly takes a few sessions to get used to the heat, but I did learn a few tricks — don’t wipe off your sweat (gross, but it’s cooling your body), hydrate well throughout the day, and always take a break if you need to. I also learned not to eat spicy trail mix before my class … the hard way. Continue reading