I Do Declare, It’s Derby Time!


I don’t know anything about horses. Well, I rode a pony once when I was about six years old. But I do know a bit about partying, so we decided to host a Kentucky Derby-themed party this year. This post will be mostly pictures, and I’ll link to the recipes I used in case you want to plan your own shindig. There’s always Preakness and the Belmont!

The Southern Belle of the ball was the Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, which turned out amazing. You can see it in all its glory at the top of this post.


We had some 10 Hands Kentucky Derby wine, which I ordered special only to find out that Publix had it. AND Target. Oops. And of course, we mixed up some mint juleps! We also had bloody marys and mimosas on hand.


The cat loved the Baked Cheese Grits, which were cut up into squares. They’re thick enough to support even more cheese on top, if you’re so inclined.


These Mini Hot Brown Sliders were such a hit that we needed to do an emergency bacon and bun run so I could make another batch. They’re seriously delicious. I’m still thinking about them.


We also had handcrafted chicken and waffle mini sandwiches. They were prepared with locally sourced Eggo Waffles and chicken nuggets from Target. Very classy.


Lastly, we enjoyed some amazingly good fruit that my friend carefully picked from the grocery store orchard. I am convinced they rolled it in sugar before packaging it. Fruit makes for such pretty photos.



Last, but not least, we had some rose and horse decorations. I was proud of these details, not gonna lie.

Of course, the best part of all this was getting to spend some time with great friends. But alas, it’s now Monday and time to get back to the grind. Here’s to having a week that’s as great as Nyquist.