Craft time: Coral Fixation

I never was a person who “nests.” Until the past year or so, I existed with the furniture I had in college, didn’t stock up on food unless people were coming over (and even then, my “stock” mostly consisted of alcohol), and hardly ever decorated. I existed happily with one loveseat my parents generously got me post-graduation, a jar of peanut butter, and bare walls.

Things are much different now — I work on Pinterest boards like it’s a part-time job, research coupons for our groceries, and save prime boxes from Costco for the cats.

Preggers the cat, who, incidentally, doesn't seem to be reading my blog.

Preggers the cat, who, incidentally, doesn’t seem to be reading my blog.

While home really is wherever your heart is (no matter what your space may look like) living with someone you care about makes you actually want to create a moderately nice-looking home.

Antiques are awesome for making your home a little more unique. I’ve had an interest in them ever since I started editing a column all about antiques (the writer’s sage advice: “Never buy antiques where you can also buy tube socks.”). I’ve also went on a couple antique-finding excursions with two sisters I know — they know who they are, and they’re very good at bargain shopping and antiquing.

In the Altamonte Springs area, Adjectives Market is a very cool store, and I recently discovered a cute little shop called At Home Again, which has an eclectic mix of odds and ends. That’s where I found a plain white shelf, which may not have been a true antique, but it makes an awesome spice rack after being painted with my current favorite color, coral:

photo 2

I was very pleased with the results, and so was Ben, who isn’t a fan of my usual spice storage solution (sprawl them out all over the counter, mostly). Maybe it’s not completely Pin-worthy, but I can’t help but be a little proud of myself when I successfully attempt a craft. This followed my previous coral creation, which was a (formerly) white mirror I managed to snag from my mom’s old interior design company:

photo 1

In case you’re wondering about what paint I used, Hobby Lobby sells these fantastic paints for less than a dollar now. A little goes a long way — I bought two bottles and I still have most of one of them left. Perhaps my neighbor will want to take it off my hands, since I think I have met my fill of coral for the year.

Next week, I will review a coffee I’ve been curious about, and share some of the ways we celebrate “fall” in Florida.