Tasty Coffee Alert: Starbucks Guatemala Casi Cielo

casi cielo

We’re going to talk about coffee this Monday morning. Coffee is important every day, but it’s especially important on Monday.

There’s a lot of hate for Starbucks among coffee connoisseurs. Personally, I don’t mind their coffee, though I can usually tell if my brewed coffee has been sitting for a while. I don’t like their French Roast at all (definitely has that burned flavor that people complain about), but I think their Breakfast Blend is decent. I haven’t tried any of their new small-batch blends, mostly because you’re required to have a subscription to try them (and we all know I don’t need any more subscriptions).

Where Starbucks really excels, though, is with their seasonal blends. The Thanksgiving blend is pretty good, and I love the Holiday blend. I usually buy both as soon as I can get them, and drink the Holiday blend all the way through January.

I also picked up the Guatemala Casi Cielo (“almost heaven”) roast, and it really lives up to its name. It’s awesome! The blend totally lacks the burnt flavor and overly acidic taste that you’ll sometimes find with Starbucks coffees. It might be my favorite coffee, or at least, it’s up there on my list. It pairs well with eggs and toast, muffins, oatmeal, pretty much anything you can have for breakfast.

coffee beans

Can you smell the deliciousness?


It’s super smooth, and the beans smell like chocolate. Definitely brightened up a few of my mornings.

Apparently it has quite the following, and sells out in stores really quickly. Right now, Starbucks is doing their One Tree for Every Bag program, where they’ll plant a coffee tree for every bag of coffee purchased online. So if you’re looking to try something new and feel like doing ¬†an act of kindness, treat yo’ self to some Casi Cielo.