National Holiday: Drink Wine Day!


Being fancy at wine class. They said you weren’t supposed to finish each glass. What a sense of humor they had.

It’s National Wine Drinking Day, which of course is a very important holiday. Tonight I’m having a Malbec I picked up at Total Wine a while back when Ben and I took one of their classes. They had a pretty nice snack buffet set out (very important), and we all got to sniff our glasses in a pretentious manner while claiming that yes, we do smell the leather in that pinot noir.


You can’t mention Pinot Noir without a nod to Titus Andromedon. It wouldn’t be right.

We also picked up a pretty good Chardonnay at the wine class. I hardly ever like Chardonnay, but this one paired beautifully with a hunk of Brie and locally sourced Ritz Crackers (purchased at Le Target down the street). You can make anything sound better by saying it’s locally sourced.

Speaking of cheese, what’s up with there being wood pulp in our grated Parmesan cheese? I’m not sure how I feel about this. You can’t even trust cheese these days.

I think I’m running out of Malbec-fueled musings, so I’ve decided to be lazy and link to last year’s post about assembling a cheese tray for a wine night. It’s one of my favorite posts, so if you missed it, be sure to check it out. And have some wine!