An Exercise In Trust: Sesame Green Beans


Today Ben and I made my friend’s Sesame Green Beans, which you can read all about on her blog. And yes, that was a shameless plug for her blog. It’s awesome, and I’ve learned a thing or two from reading her cooking posts. You should check it out.

So, why are these Sesame Green Beans an exercise in trust? They’re just green beans, right? Totally innocent. Well, truth be told … I HATE green beans. The texture just bothers me. Also, when I was a baby I loved them, so my dear Granny (may she rest in peace) would push plates of them at me at every holiday, even when I was well into my 20s.

Despite all that, I still occasionally try to eat them. They’re healthy, of course, but they’re also a very versatile vegetable. And I love Asian flavors/sesame, so we decided to give them a try. I trust my friend’s cooking, so these must be good, right?

The verdict? I liked them! And that’s not a lie … I wouldn’t lie about something as important as food. They came out crispy with just enough sesame flavor.┬áPlus, the house smelled like Asian food deliciousness while we were cooking them.

Am I a completely converted green bean lover? Maybe not. But these, these I like. Well done, my friend.