Daily Prompt: Saturday Night

wine betty white

Saturday night motto.


It’s Friday, but today we’re talking about Saturday Night for the Daily Prompt.

“Tell us about the most exciting big night out you had recently.”

Honestly, I can never answer these sort of questions off the bat. I’m sure I’ll think of something spectacular later, but right now I am drawing a blank. So I’ve decided to list 10 interesting things I’ve done on a Saturday night, which may not be recent, but that’s better than nothing, right?

Things I’ve Done On A Saturday Night (in no particular order, really)

1. Gotten married

2. Attended the weddings of several good friends

3. Dressed up like a TARDIS

4. Hung out at a farm

5. Had tequila when I shouldn’t have

6. Got kicked out of a certain Downtown Orlando bar (#5-6 may be related)

7. Visited the Tower of London

8. Engaged in Nerf warfare at a 3-year-old’s birthday party

9. Attended an Al Capone-themed dinner show (permanently etched into my memory)

10. Saw Ben Folds in concert (2x)

I’m sure there are some honorable mentions for this list, but that’s what I could think of off the top of my head (with a little help from Facebook). Admittedly, I don’t go out as much as I used to. Going out partying every weekend hasn’t been my thing for quite some time. These days, Ben and I are impressed with ourselves if we make it to midnight. Last weekend we had a wild night of wine tasting and grocery shopping.

The truth is, though, any Saturday night can be a “big night out” with the right people. Or cats. You do you.

One thought on “Daily Prompt: Saturday Night

  1. As the father of this particular blogger I am finding out things here I may not need ir want to know…. Then again I do see a progression of maturity in the comments and events; so although I suppose that maturing was inevitable I am fighting the feeling of getting old as I read it!


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