Random Thoughts for the New Year


(Couldn’t think of a photo … so we’ll, er, Ring in the new year with Lego Gandalf and Bilbo.)

Well, the new year has arrived. I tend to prefer even-numbered years, for no logical reason at all. 2016 should be an eventful year — my sister, Ben’s stepsister, his good friend, and several others in our lives are getting married. Many of my friends are having babies this year or have just welcomed new additions to the family. Ben and I are definitely at that age where there’s a baby shower or wedding every weekend. I’m never one to turn down a party invite, so I enjoy it.

There’s a sense of change in the air this year, too (or at least, I feel that way). Obviously it’s an election year (ugh), but I think there’s something else going on. Rather than making my usual resolutions (lose weight, learn to speak Spanish fully, etc.), I have resolved to make this year one of positive change. If I can help someone, I will. If I can do something good for my health, I will — without worrying so much about the scale.

Oh, and I resolve to write in this blog more often … isn’t that always the case. Here’s to a wonderful year!