Trying the World: Argentina Edition

culture guide

As I mentioned before, I definitely have a subscription box “problem.” This coincides with my online shopping habit — I half expect our mailperson to one day recommend therapy.

Admittedly, Try the World is probably the most unnecessary of my subscription boxes, and I originally planned to cancel it after receiving my Argentina box (my previous box, the Paris box, was included for free when I subscribed). My intentions were good, but alas, they were foiled when my Argentina box came.

box contents argentina

(Please pardon my odd-looking photos from my phone. My camera seems to not want to cooperate today.)

Chock-full of delicious goodies, this box was even heavier than the Paris one when it arrived. It also included the handy culture guide to Argentina. It contained a full-size bottle of chimichurri sauce, a “red fruits, red wine and honey” sauce, and an olive paste/tapenade-like substance. I love olives, and Ben doesn’t, so it’s all for me! The spread was pretty good on some pita chips, and also tasted great on my all-time favorite veggie burger.

I haven’t tried the chimichurri or the red wine sauces yet, but I have high hopes given the quality of some of the other items I’ve received from Try the World.

sweet items

The sweet items in the box included a jar of dulce de leche, which is one of my dad’s favorite things. Speaking of Dad, the Membrillo creamed quince paste reminds me a whole lot of the GOYA guava paste that he would try to get me to eat growing up. Especially since it appears to be served with manchego cheese. I think I’m going to bring it to him when I go up to Atlanta this week.

My favorite thing from the box was a bag of salty/sweet Koo! cookies. I loved them so much that I looked online to see if I could order them again, but they’re sold out. We ate every single one of these Koo! cookies within 48 hours. They were tasty alone, but mind-blowing when paired with the dulce de leche. The bag was no longer with us during the time of this posting, so please accept this stock photo:


The dulce de leche was awesome, too. We experimented with many items to see what it would taste good on, and so far I haven’t found anything that hasn’t worked. Fruit, pancakes, by itself with a spoon — it’s all good. I also received a little package of Chamana herbal tea, which I seem to have lost, sadly.

Anyway, Try the World has sucked me in for at least one more box. The next box is featuring Japan, so I’m pretty excited about it. Until then, I will scour the Internet in search of another bag of those delicious cookies.

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