Trying the World: France

try the world box

For the past few months I have been ogling the Facebook ads for the Try The World box. It had generally favorable reviews online, so I finally succumbed and got the free French box that you receive for signing up. (I’ll also be receiving an Argentina box soon). I definitely don’t travel as much as I would like to, and while this certainly is not an alternative, I thought it might be fun.

The first thing I noticed was that the box was super heavy, which is always promising when it comes to subscription boxes. And most importantly, nothing melted while being stuck in a mailbox all day during Florida weather. Everything was packed nicely in a lovely turquoise box.

box contents

And that’s not all …


The box also came with a booklet and cards explaining each item.

box cards

The pictures likely explain themselves, but the box contained Mere Poulard shortbread cookies (which were delicious), fleur de sel that seems destined for caramel brownies, a packet of teas, a full-size jar of Dijon mustard, some very fancy-looking Maison Peltier honey, a package of caramels (very very good), and a clementine jam (also very good). That’s a lot of stuff.

Now, at $39 per box (which you receive every other month), Try the World is a “treat yo self” type of product. But I was impressed by the amount and quality of the items in this free box, so I have high hopes for the “paid” Argentina box. Is it a necessity to purchase this box? Not at all. But if you’re in the mood to expand your horizons a bit, or even send a friend a great gift, this is a pretty good box.

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