Meatless Monday Option: Crustless Zucchini Pie

zucchini pie

Excuse the funny lighting in the photo. It was hailing outside when I took it! Looks like the Florida summer afternoon showers have begun.

As I’ve mentioned before, we receive a weekly produce box, and I absolutely love it. It tends to be a little more economical than picking out produce at the grocery store, and it forces me to get creative with my cooking. Lately we’ve had a surplus of zucchini, so I have been trying to figure out ways to get rid of it other than the usual muffins or bread.

If you have the same zucchini infestation problem as I do, or just love zucchini, I highly recommend checking out this recipe from Skinnytaste. I imagine it would be easy to make gluten-free by using a nut-based flour, too.

Anyway, when I find a great recipe, I always like to share it with others.

Hope everyone has an excellent week!