Special Deliveries: Club W Review No. 1

Despite possibly being judged by the UPS guy, the FedEx store, and the U.S. Postal Service, I’ve had a bit of a subscription box problem lately. I love the feeling of getting things in the mail, and nowadays you can pretty much find a box for anything (even toilet paper … I wonder if they call it “artisan toilet paper?).

It’s no secret that I love wine, so I decided to try the Club W wine box service. We’re always picking up a bottle here and there, so $39/month, to me, is not terrible for wine (especially since we don’t go out as much as we used to). They “guarantee” that you’ll like what they pick, which is based on a short quiz you take before signing up. You can then choose whatever wines you’d like for your box based on their recommendations, or from the entire collection.

The lovely box.

The lovely box. I was VERY excited to receive it!

We received two whites and two reds in our box. Usually the box comes with three bottles, but I got one free for signing up. Also, you can skip a box whenever you feel like it — I pretty much require the skip option when it comes to my subscription boxes.

I may or may not have picked the bottles based on appearance.

I may or may not have picked the bottles based on appearance.

The wines also come with cards that tell you a bit about their origin, and also include recipes that complement them. I thought that was a nice touch.

wine cards

The first wine we tried was the 2014 The Independent Chenin Blanc, which I absolutely loved. I don’t usually drink anything quite like it, since Chenin Blancs don’t often cross my radar, but I’d definitely be open to trying more after having this wine. The card from Club W described it as smelling like lanolin, melon, honeysuckle, green apple, and beeswax. Granted, I wasn’t sure about the lanolin, but the fruity flavors were certainly there. Chris Condos, the winemaker, is known for his commitment to organic farming and sustainable practices, which just makes the wine more appealing.

Recipe pairing according to Club W: Thai-Style Chicken Wings. I approve.

Ben really likes red blends, so I chose the 2013 Full Sleeve Red Blend as another bottle for the box. It’s from winemaker Birk O’Halloran, who wrote the book “Eat Ink” about the connection between culinary inspiration and tattoos. That’s pretty awesome, and the wine wasn’t bad, either.  It smelled amazing — very spicy, which I like in a wine. You could definitely taste the strong flavors of the merlot and syrah grapes. Was it my favorite red blend ever? No. But was it something I’d have again? Sure.

Recipe pairing according to Club W: Chickpea veggie burgers. Didn’t I post about those a while back? May have to make those again.

Speaking of red blends, judge me if you’d like, but my current favorite red blend is the Drops of Jupiter Red Blend from the Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co. And yes, the lead singer from Train founded the company. Now, tell me — did the song get stuck in your head? Did the wind sweep you off your feet?

Back to Club W, though: I do have two more bottles to try, but this is a start. Clearly I’ve been slacking on my wine consumption. I’m pretty happy with this first box, though, and look forward to see what future boxes bring.

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