Stop. Crafter Time.

People who are crafty have always been an enigma to me. How they manage to modge-podge and crochet their way through life is absolutely mind-boggling. What? You made a chair out of a paper clip? How is that even possible?

However, I still want to be like them. I want to learn their glittery ways. I want to wield paint-chip samples from Home Depot like a boss. I want to capture artistic lightning in a mason jar. This will be a challenge, since I was definitely the kid growing up who couldn’t make a macaroni Christmas ornament look good (oh, so THAT’S the real reason Mom keeps the ones I made in a “special” box). These days, my creative works are limited to Draw Something and affixing foil star stickers to birthday cards.

So, with the help of my housemate, Erin, and friends, I will start my quest to become a more artistic person. This shall be a collection of cooking attempts, art attempts and whatever else comes my way. With wine, of course. All things are possible with wine.